Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Sky Is Not Falling! Why This Is The Time For Smart Buyers To buy!

Brentwood TN Real Estate

Everyday seems to bring more bad news for the Housing Industry. Lenders caught in the sub-prime melt down are closing their doors while banks and prime lenders are tightening loan requirements. Mortgage rates are rising and PMI (private mortgage insurance) showing industry wide narrowing of guidelines and options all contribute to the general "panic" atmosphere buyers perceive in the Brentwood TN Real Estate market as well as other areas.

Add to that increasing tax, foreclosures and sellers who have not yet seemed to see the light and you have one big roller coaster ride, complete with stomach dropping fluctuations in the stock and bond markets. The FED has slashed rates attempting to hold off a recession that some say is already here. Too little too late? Will it get worse from here?

Maybe so, but I think the bottom is much closer than buyers may guess.
Now is the time to buy, before interest rates rise substantially.
I foresee 3rd and 4th quarter rises as the market adjusts and evens out more.

The spring season is almost here, now is the time to take the plunge. There will not be a better time for months, possibly a year or more. With FHA and conforming loan limits being raised for 2008 and Fannie and Freddie speculated to not be offering these until June or so there will be a small window in which buyers can scoop these "treats" up.

Buyers educate yourselves on the "real" numbers and take a pass on the news headlines decrying doom and gloom for buyers in general. The media is in full panic monger mode and nothing sells like recession fear!

Look deeper, engage the services of knowledgeable and integrity bound lenders and Realtors. We are here to help clear away the fog of fear and show the very real opportunities for the smart buyer in the current market.

So buyers, take your fingers off the panic button,
pick up the phone, grab your mouse and keyboard
and start looking for the the facts in your area!

The sky is NOT falling!

Those who move now will be ahead of the pack come next year!

Vanessa Stalets
Brentwood TN Real Estate
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