Monday, April 14, 2008

Downsizing in Brentwood TN? Tips to Make it Less Painful!

Years ago, it was nothing to have four or five children in a family, or more. This meant finding the biggest house for the least amount of money. The more square footage and the more bedrooms the better. As the children grew up and moved away, the house became even larger. The only time it seemed crowded was during the holidays and even then there was plenty of room for everyone.

Now the house just is too big and there is so much that must be done to maintain it, the holidays are no reason to keep that lumbering giant in Brentwood, Franklin or Nashville TN. It's time to downsize. This can actually be a fun time in your life. It gives you the time to reflect on the many memories you have from the old house, while you plan for the exciting move to the new one! Packing can be a fun way to share some of those memories. One way to do this is to have a packing party just for family.

Before you begin, make sure you know what you are taking with you and what you are not going to need. You can do this by packing some of the things away on your own first, mainly those items you know you will want to take with you. Then you can call the family in to help. Make sure the grandchildren are included in the invitation. Let the family know this is going to be a whole day affair.
Start out by asking everyone to bring their own box. This is where the fun begins, a trip down memory lane can cause some great laughter. As your family arrives, explain you are going to be selling the house and you are packing up what you are not going to be taking with you. As the kids wander from room to room it is their job to explain about the stain on the living room carpet that just mysteriously appeared. They can also talk about how the unwanted house guest "No Body" kept doing things behind everyone's back. This makes for much hilarity and you may just discover the answers to years old mysteries!
As each item is packed up and placed away, the children will packing their own memories as well. These can be shared with other members of the family and the new generation too. The trophies which have gathered dust can be bragged about once again. The old favorite toys in the attic can be brought back to life with the grand kids in the house to listen and watch, passing on old family secrets and joy.
Downsizing does not have to be a sad time. It can be a time when the entire family reminisces about what it was like growing up with each other in your home. The dishes used at holiday dinners, or why there are only three legs on the table that are straight can really make the experience a great way to say goodbye to a family home with lots of history.
As each family member packs up a box, make sure there is one they are going to take home filled with the sentimental treasures they had when they were growing up. This is a wonderful way for a part of the old house will remain with each of them for years to come. Although a tear or two may be shed, everyone will agree that being a part of the move and having the chance to share the sweet memories together is a heart warming way to make the ending of a chapter in your and their lives easier and the beginning of a new one more fun!

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