Sunday, April 13, 2008

Real Estate Market In Brentwood TN Picking Up! Buyers May Want To Pay Attention Here!

Brentwood TN Real Estate
Recently the movement in my area( Brentwood, Franklin and Nashville TN) has been picking up for the real estate industry. I had a listing go under contract within 2 days and pending within 10. I have had two separate buyers miss multiple homes this last week. Deciding too slowly that they were indeed interested or timing requiring a wait. I remember a couple years ago, when the first day on the market you sent them to see it with the urgent advice that if they liked it we had to move fast. Back when multiple offers came in on that first day and bidding wars were common place. Now, I am not saying that is back, oh no! But, and here is the rub, buyers have become so used to desperate sellers and believing the media hype about how very bad it is and what a buyers market it is, that they are still ambling along slow and sure. Well sellers seem to be getting a clue, at least some of the time, and prices are looking reasonable. If a home you like is priced right for comps and recent market activity and it is in reasonably good shape, don't wait. Offer now! Things are normally faster paced in spring and this year seems to be shaping up no differently!
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Brentwood TN Real Estate
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